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Car Insurance Comparison Checklist

16.jpg Comparing car insurance quotes can be quite a daunting task for the unadvised. While it’s not rocket science, there are some factors to be taken into account if you want accurate results – and I would bet you do. This article is a short car insurance comparison checklist.

Step 1. Evaluate your insurance needs

How much insurance do you need? Is the mandatory liability insurance enough or do you need more? What is your approximative yearly mileage? Do you own the car or will you be driving other peoples’ cars? If the car is yours, who else – if any – will be driving it as well? Should the car get damaged for any reason, how soon do you need to have it replaced? Answer these questions and you will figure out what kind of insurance you need.

Step 2. Pick an insurance comparison website

An insurance comparison site will save you lots of time and hassle because it lets you query more insurance carriers at the same time and for the exact same package. Looking up quotes on each company’s website is time consuming and you may also end up comparing apples and peaches – a quote may seem more affordable but you end up getting less coverage. You will find a handful of car insurance comparison website recommendations right here on our site.

Step 3. Provide the required information

Filling in the required data takes something between ten and twenty minutes. You will be asked to provide information related to your personal data (name, address, social security number), driving experience and the car(s) you want to insure. Next, you will have to pick the insurance package that suits your needs. The system will query the information provided by various insurers and present you with a list of companies and the prices they ask for.

Step 4. Pick your favorite quote

Don’t jump on to the cheapest quote you get. Some background research on the company you are going to sign the contract with is an absolute must. A reliable company doesn’t always have the best rates – sometimes not even close to – but you can rest assured that whenever you will have a claim there will be someone to pick up the phone. A hassle-free claim process is worth much more than the price of a few burgers per month. Analyze the top few affordable quotes and decide on one based on the reputation of the company.

Step 5. Close the deal

The insurance comparison system will forward you to the insurer’s website where you can close the deal. Most carriers will allow you to complete the process online, without even calling in or leaving your house or office. There could be, however, that the company hasn’t updated their information and the quote you got was outdated. Should this be the case, call them and ask if the offer is still on. You could end up with an even better deal, especially if you mention that you have found them online and liked their quote.

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