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1.jpg Texas auto insurance has some unique traits and trends different from other parts of the country that you should be aware of before purchasing an auto insurance plan. To begin, Texas law requires that people who drive in Texas are legally responsible to pay for the accidents they cause. To protect against this, most people purchase liability insurance, a form of protection that will pay for repairs and damages to people, cars and property when you are at fault in an accident.

Each state has their own unique minimums for liability insurance. In Texas the current minimum that you are required to have if driving a vehicle is 30/60/25. The first two numbers represent the amount of coverage for damage to people injured in an accident. For example, $30,000 is the maximum that can be paid out to cover costs for a single individual, and $60,00 is the maximum for all people combined who were hurt in the accident. The final number represents property damage, for Texas that means at minimum, your liability will cover $25,000 of property damage if you are responsible for an accident.

Texas auto insurance can be purchased most easily by checking out the state run government website, TDI. The website offers information about Texas auto insurance companies, their financial ratings, complaint history, and ratings from independent organizations. TDI is specifically designed to help Texas consumers purchase auto insurance, so it is a great place to start as a Texan.

Luckily for those that live in Texas, auto insurance is quite affordable. While insurance premiums in New York may run as high as $1,047, in Texas, rates generally run around $808. Although the main trend in Texas is for rates to go up, this is the same situation around the county, with the exception of California, where premiums have been decreasing. For Texans, this means affordable rates that allow you to beef up your insurance coverage in areas where you may need extra protection.

TexasSure is a program specifically designed for the state of Texas, designed to make insurance tracking easier. TexasSure is an electronic program that verifies insurance and all that is required is for your insurance provider to submit your information to the Texas DMV. As long as you maintain the minimum liability coverages discussed above, you don’t need to worry about the program. Basically, the only times you’ll hear from the DMV on the matter is when your insurance lapses or there is some other discrepancy. This is valuable as it protects citizens and always ensures that they have valid liability insurance.

Texas auto insurance is unique, so make sure you follow your financial obligations when purchasing a plan and stay up to date with state requirements like the TexasSure program. The most important thing to remember is that a driver is legally obliged to pay for any accident they cause, o insurance is mandatory in the state and even without insurance you will be forced to pay for any damages you cause.

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