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Car Insurance for Women - Ladies Only

21.jpg Insurance rates vary by how much risk a customer presents, so if you’re trying to find car insurance for women, you’ll be very happy with the low premiums and money you can save.

In studies, women have consistently been found to have safer driving habits. In a comparison of common tickets and traffic convictions (speeding g, failure to obey traffic signs or signals, “other” convictions, failure to wear a seatbelt, and failure to carry proof of insurance) Kanetix found that women were at fault from 1 – 4% less than men. For an insurance company this means having to pay out damages less and for women it means great deals on auto insurance rates.

Some of the best policies to find when looking for car insurance for women take advantage of these same studies. Insurance companies save the most money on women because they tend to not drive overly expensive vehicles, they often get in less damaging accidents than men, and shy away from long distance driving. Taking advantage of these key factors is easy.

Many women already don’t feel the need to purchase overly expensive cars, so right off the bat you can save money without much work. Where you can really save money is by focusing on the last point, long distance driving. Since most accidents occur over the course of long trips, insurance companies will be adding costs to your insurance plan to offset this. Make sure to mention your daily driving habits reinforcing the point that you rarely, if ever, make long trips. Hammering home this point will make you one of the insurance companies ideal customers: someone who rarely gets in accidents, avoids risky journeys, and won’t be requiring a big damage pay out.

With these tips to reduce your premium in mind, now is a good time to start finding a car insurance provider. Some of the best companies for women happen to be the biggest. Allstate and Statefarm for example, deal with such a large volume of customers, that they are happy to quickly assign you as a low-risk driver. Finding a good quote is as simple as entering your information online and comparing the best prices between companies. Keep in mind that, because you are the preferred customer of insurance companies – that is, one of the statistically safest groups of drivers – they should be, and will be fighting over getting you as a customer. Don’t feel like you have to accept their offers right away, and in fact waiting may be your best option. Take any quotes you get from one car insurance company and see if another will beat it, or give you any additional discounts or bonuses.

If you’re looking for car insurance for women, you will be in the best position to bargain your way to a better deal. Take advantage of the fact that insurance companies want to have you as their customer and you’ll be saving money and paying some of the lowest premiums available each month.

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