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Car Insurance for Young Drivers

21.jpg Finding the right car insurance for young drivers can be a challenge if you’re trying to get a good deal on your monthly premiums. Car insurance companies apply their rates based on the level of risk a customer poses to get into an accident, or require a pay out. Although it’s bad for young drivers, you can’t fault the insurance company for being a little more careful with someone with a small driving history and little evidence that points to their reliability. It turns out that making yourself more appealing is the biggest key to purchasing car insurance for young drivers, and there are many simple ways to do so.

One of the first points an insurance company will look for, regardless of the age of the customer, is the type of vehicle being insured. Obviously, a brand new Mustang and it’s higher price, and high-speed image will be more risk to insure than a family minivan. Take a look at what kind of image your vehicle presents to the company before you get your insurance rate.

Despite the uphill battle most people face when getting car insurance for young drivers, many companies offer discounts to this demographic based on certain areas or qualifications. High school students with good marks, such as a 3.0 GPA or higher, can submit them to their insurance company and will often receive a discount. One example is Allstate Insurance, who offer up to 20% off for students under 25 if they maintain a solid grade average.

A very affordable option for parents looking for car insurance for young drivers is to insure their children as “occasional drivers” on their vehicle. Many insurance companies will offer policies for having multiple cars insured, so this can be a money saver when combining the costs of the two plans.

All these tips are helpful, but the number one way for young drivers to save money on car insurance is to simply shop around and learn more on their own. Nothing saves money more than being educated before purchasing a product, so start off by getting quotes from multiple insurance companies and learning the basic vocabulary of car insurance.

Getting a quote is simple. Every major car insurance company has a fast online quote option on their website, so starting with the biggest names is usually the best bet. Names like Amica, Allstate, Statefarm, and GEICO are probably the ones you are most familiar with. They are also all in very direct competition with each other, so getting a quote with one company and seeing if another company will match or beat that price is a very smart move.

Shopping for a car insurance plan for young drivers can be an expensive hassle but if you follow some simple strategies you’ll see big savings with the same insurance protection. Learning more about insurance is a great place to start for newer drivers and being smart about insurance early on will keep on save them money for the rest of their lives.

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