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11.jpg The vast majority of people are familiar with online shopping nowadays. It started with Amazon selling books online in 1995, then diversified their activities to other smaller and larger items. Then the web took a step further with eBay in 1996, allowing people to sell different items to each other. Subsequently, almost every well-known brand selling in the planet followed selling just about anything online, including car insurance policies. Not only you can now get car insurance quotes online, but you can also find tools to help you compare and buy the policy with a few clicks. On average, it takes around 3 minutes to get car insurance quotes from our site. 5-10 minutes to get a car insurance policy if you have all the details at hand.

There was some initial scepticism of the whole idea of shopping for insurance and different service online. People wondered if it's safe to buy car insurance online. However, with the protection awarded by popular car insurance companies and credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard and American Express it's completely safe. In fact, when getting car insurance quotes online, you are under no obligation to purchase. There is also a grace or redemption period that allows car insurance customers to cancel the policy if they are not satisfied or they think the product is not suitable.

Putting all the worries of getting car insurance quotes online aside, there are important savings to be made by shopping for you premium online. It's a known fact that people are many times better off getting their car insurance policy online than from a local insurance agency. Car insurance companies make a lot of savings by not having to setup agencies and pay staff to run their offices. Selling car insurance quotes online via a website costs far less for insurance carriers and these savings are subsequently passed on to the end customer. It's no wonder why it's harder for the traditional insurance agent or shop to beat an online vehicle insurance quote.

Almost every leading car insurance provider is available online. They have websites, online support and everything need to get car insurance quotes online and even lodge a claim. The tricky part is how do you save yourself the hassle and time of compare all these quotes in one place?

Centris Insurance set out on a mission to help customer get and compare car insurance quotes online from the best car insurance providers in America. It doesn't matter if you live in Texas, California, Florida, New York, Utah or any other state. Also, it doesn't matter if you drive Family, Saloon, Sport or Classic car. We've got the auto insurance coverage you need. We select our insurance providers carefully to provide you with unbiased car insurance quotes, qualify premium and value when purchasing your policy.

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