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Steps to Buy Car Insurance Online

10.jpg Since all online insurance companies are at a few mouse clicks away, you can do your shopping on a slow afternoon and get your best deal in time to watch the evening news.

The prerequisites

The first steps of buying insurance online are the same as if you were going to do it the old fashioned way. You will need to gather your documentation (a list of your latest accidents and claims, your approximate credit score and a utility bill should suffice).

Decide on an auto insurance comparison website to use

Instead of building a list of insurance companies and filling out quote request forms on each website, which would resemble the offline cold calling process, you can use an auto insurance comparison website that pulls quotes from many insurance carriers in one go.

There are many such tools out there that will make your life easy – we offer you one ourselves on this website. Simply type in your name, zip code and email address, fill out a form and we will present you with quotes from the all top insurers in your area, free of charge. You can then compare prices, head to head, and decide on a company to go with.

Send in the required documents

You will have to scan and send in some documents – they will let you know what is needed. A copy of a photo ID is a must, and you may be required to give your social security number (they will run a credit check on you) and maybe send in a copy of a utility bill as proof of residence.

Close the deal

You will get the final quote in a matter of hours, once they have checked your credentials. You will be pointed to an electronic payment method (e-check, credit card or ACH) and, once you have paid the premium, you will be able to download and print a provisional insurance card which will serve as proof of insurance by the time you get it by mail.

Don’t forget to cancel your old policy, or you may still be billed if you have opted for automated recurring payments.

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