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Cheapest Car Insurance Factors & Criteria

17.jpg The average American household spend over 17% of their income on car ownership, operating and maintaining expenses according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics released on 2004. The biggest of these expenses is in car insurance. National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) reported in 2007 that car insurance rates varied among different states. On average, it was $800 in California, $808 in Texas and the most expensive was New York with $1,047. The average insurance cost in all states and probably the cheapest car insurance was calculated at $797.

Cheapest Car Insurance is Online

As car insurance premiums are constantly on the rise, it's becoming harder to find the cheapest car insurance in the market by following the old dated methods. Visiting the local insurance agency or calling around for quotes is no longer an option. Savvy customers and bargain hunters are going online and using quotes comparison websites to get cheap car insurance quotes from multiple companies. It's easier than ever now even for those unfamiliar with online shopping or quotes comparison sites to use web search engines to visit a number of car insurance providers with a few clicks.

Saving Factors

There are a number of considerations that helps you lower your car insurance premium and reduce it to be the cheapest you can find. Some of these factors are under your control. Others are not. Car insurance companies offer the cheapest car insurance only to those customers they consider as a lesser risk of being involved in an accident and subsequently less likely to lodge a claim under their policy. Factors under your control are a combination of driving history, type and model of vehicle, previous claims, gender, address, previous offences or convictions (even those not related to driving) and even credit history. There are of course other factors, but these are the most important criteria used before an insurance carrier decides whether to sell you coverage, or in some cases decline your application. If the insurance company decide to offer you a quote, they will put on in a group. In most cases, they won't mention which, but if they do it will often be along the lines of high, medium, low risk.

Lower Risk Means Lower Car Insurance Premium

In order to get the cheapest car insurance premium, you need to be on the low risk group. Criteria such as good driving history, driving a family or less expensive car and living in a safe neighborhood all helps in giving the selection of inexpensive car insurance quotes and options for you to choose from.

Cheapest Car Insurance is Possible

A common misconception among many people is that it's impossible to find the cheapest car insurance they can afford. That car insurance is and will always be expensive. This couldn't be further from the truth. Equipped with some useful tips, knowledge and the correct steps, you can easily lower your premium and save hundreds of dollars on your auto insurance rate.

Finding cheaper car insurance is the dream of every driver. However, it can be a right hassle if you don't know where to start and how to look. At CentrisInsurance.net, we are committed to help you find the cheapest car insurance. We have partnered with the largest and most trust names in the car insurance industry to offer you multiple quotes, unbiased advise and value for money on your next car insurance policy.

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